Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of life.  Thus, this course explores the molecular interactions of biomolecules.  With this focus, it will incorporate concepts from organic and inorganic chemistry, genetics, microbiology, cell biology and molecular biology.  The student will be required to build on concepts he/she has learned in previous biology and chemistry courses to successfully complete this course.  With this in mind, the outcomes of this course will be: 

  1. to understand the relationship between structure and function of biomolecules
  2. to understand the inter-relationship of biochemical reactions
  3. to incorporate these concepts into a well-rounded understanding of the activity of organelles and cells
  4. to gain skills in reading and understanding primary literature discussing biomolecules
  5. to gain more knowledge of the following chemical concepts:        

  6. \\a.  chemical kinetics, especially in relationship to enzyme                   kinetics
        b.  thermochemistry

        c.  oxidation-reduction chemistry