The Ecology of Food is an exploration of food from the following perspectives: the importance of food (requirements for human health, supply and demand), the distribution of starvation and abundance, the ecological and economic reasons for this distribution, the amount and sources of energy involved in food production, the role of food production in sustainability issues (water, energy and soil/nutrient supply), the economics of food and food production, various forms of agriculture used to produce food and, finally, food security in a global marketplace. The goal of the course is not to make you feel guilty (or happy) about your diet but to raise your awareness about the food you eat, what it actually is, where it comes from, how we got to the point that we eat the way we do and whether where we are at is necessarily where we want to be. Along the way, we will all learn a lot about topics we have never thought about long enough or deeply enough. My hope is that we will all have a greater appreciation of food and our relationship to it by the time the course is over.