The Theatre Capstone is a project designed to synthesize each theatre student’s undergraduate education in a culminating project in which they have the creative freedom and opportunity to demonstrate disciplinary knowledge to produce a theatrical work as part of the mainstage season.  The capstone project is entirely student-directed and may vary based upon the number of students involved, the disciplinary focus of the students, or the specific skill set of any given undergraduate class.  Each student is expected to have a mastery level of at least two (2) theatrical disciplines, which they contribute to the capstone project.  Likewise, students may participate in or provide as many or as few of the roles needed in order to complete the capstone project.  Disciplinary skills include (but are not limited to): directing, acting, scenic design, costume design, lighting design, properties, playwriting, dramaturgy, make-up/hair, and special effects.

            This project is an independent study experience.  While the Theatre professors have set guidelines and expectations, each student is entirely responsible for fulfilling her/his requirements and expectations, much like the practice of professional theatre.  In this way, this capstone prepares students for the realities of theatre production, education, and presentation.