Business in Practice focuses on helping students with hands-on ways to put business principles into practice with community-based projects, internships, and course assignments.  This is a self-directed class that meets intermittently with the professor and other team members.

Marketing Principles presents strategies for optimal marketing and distribution of products and services. We will examine how marketing consequences influence the decisions marketing managers make. The course emphasizes product planning, promotion, distribution, and pricing based on theories of consumer behavior and market segmentation. The arc of this course will begin with on overview of Marketing strategy and will then fill in each foundational area such as Environmental Scanning, Consumer Behavior, Product development, Service marketing, Pricing strategy, Distribution strategy, Promotion strategy, Global marketing, and Organizational marketing issues.  Students will learn the general principles for each area and will then practice skills and demonstrate learning via hands-on experiments, in-class research, and out of class field trips.

This entrepreneurial internship course is designed to provide an opportunity for students to have a practical experience in an entrepreneurial setting.  

The course will begin with a look at what business is, what business should be and what it could be. As students begin to define what business is and its role in society, they will also wrestle with their own role within business. This will be done by assessing the various needs of business, becoming an agent of change and assessing fit within the context of business.  This course should be the first course in the business major.