This course explores the uses and capabilities of the most widely used web page editing software. Using Adobe Dreamweaver and other software, students will apply design principles, layout techniques and typography to create visually compelling and complex web pages and web sites.

DMC 260 Digital Painting & Illustration

This course explores the expressive and creative functionality of Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter Pro and their mobile versions used on iPads. Drawing basics using the many artistic painting and illustrating tools within the software will be explored. Image creation and manipulation via layer management & adjustment, color methods, effects and other techniques will complete your well-rounded understanding of digital painting & illustrating. This course will use Photoshop and Wacom graphic tablets as well as stylus pens with an iPad (if student owns iPad & pen- optional). 

{MAR 22 2020 UPDATE} DMC 260 WILL BE TAUGHT ONLINE ONLY: WE WILL MAINLY USE iPad AND Apple Pencil WHILE FOLLOWING SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES. Please check items from eHub via Heath Haase: iPad, Apple Pencil and WiFi hot spot (if needed) in order to use Zoom for online class. Class times will still be from 12:45p to 2:25p Tue. & Thrs. 


  • Basic familiarity with Adobe Photoshop is expected 
    • Dabble now at one of the PLC Mac rooms
  • DMC 125 2D Design



*Why a separate graphics tablet and not just a pen for your iPad? Not everyone will have an iPad. If you have an iPad, you can draw/paint with different compatible pens (which cost extra). However, the iPad is not multi-pressure sensitive, nor is the Apple pencil. The Wacom Intuos tablet is multi-pressure sensitive and so is the pen. This allows for realistic painting and painterly feel when drawing or using a multitude of simulated surfaces and artist tools. The Apple Pencil will work with all iPad software. Other Apple iPad compatible pens may not work with all iPad apps (read the fine print before buying). If you have the Apple Pencil it will mimic sensitivity and pressure. For this class, consistency is key, therefore, we all need to use a Wacom tablet.

**Mobile apps are much lighter versions of Adobe computer software. Mobil apps will give you the mobility and freedom to create anywhere. However, tools are limited and spread across several mobile apps. Still, it’s a great way to work, draw, sketch and create THEN open in the more robust Adobe computer software for professional editing, designing, drawing, painting, illustrating, etc! 

This course explores the elements and principles of two-dimensional art and design, with a focus on their use in digital art forms and environments. Color theory, compositional strategies and using Adobe Creative Suite to output graphics will be addressed. Creating effective visual hierarchy will also be practiced.



This course studies the letterform as an essential element within the field of graphicand web design. This course will explore letterforms as communication, composition and expression. Areas explored include letterform anatomy, systems of measurement, types of letterforms (fonts) and how to use type effectively in design.


Our students will•demonstrate an understanding of foundational principles of design, including color theory; typography; layout strategies and composition as they relate to digital media.competently use a variety of software applications for digital print media.utilize various applications in coding, animation, audio and video to develop and manage industry standard content in web environments.critically evaluate visual and written communication by identifying their theoretical, aesthetic, historical and ethical assumptions and implications.