Welcome to BIO 234 Genetics!

The study of genetics is the study of the function of all living things - and some non-living! Studying all living things (plus some) is a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun. This semester, we will delve into classical, molecular and evolutionary genetics. Through mini-lectures, labs, readings, activities, problem-solving and discussions, we will answer five "Big Questions” in modern genetics.

  • What is a gene?

You will be able to model the anatomy of a gene, explain what a gene does, and demonstrate how and why it functions.

  • What is "genomics”?

You will be able to explain what a genome is and work directly with sequenced genomes to answer biomedically relevant questions.

  • How do we find (identify) genes for particular traits?

You will be able to discover the location of a gene on a chromosome, and perform reverse genetic techniques to identify gene function.

  • How do we figure out how genes work?

You will be able to predict the outcome of a cross with respect to simple genetic traits, and directly manipulate the expression of the genes of living organisms in order to identify gene function.

  • How can we use genetics/genomics to improve our lives?

You will determine when animal models are useful in answering questions regarding gene function, and describe the possible roles of genetics research and applications in modern society.