This course will investigate popular literature and film since 2000 and explore questions related to history and society relevant to the 21st century.

A seminar requiring the synthesis of skills learned in other classes, including independent reading of a major literary work, literary analysis, cultural and historical knowledge, research, and presentations of individual work in both written and oral formats. Two class sessions with expectations of individual initiative in research, reading, analysis, and development of two papers (literary analysis and history), one oral presentation (culture) and an annotated bibliography on a topic or topics of choice. Prerequisite: 16 credit hours numbered 300 or above. Spring semester.

An introductory course to French Studies in which students study at least one cultural and historical period and its cultural products including literature and other artistic expressions. Students learn to study this material, to analyze these cultural products and to present those analyses in essays and oral presentations, skills requisite for the major. Students have a formal advanced grammar review to sup- port accuracy of expression needed for the major. This is an integrated course addressing skills in literature, language, and culture in French. FRE 315 is pitched at the B2 CEFR level. Prerequisite: French 212 or equivalent. Fall semester.

A detailed study of Francophone novels of the 20th century, with emphasis on issues of writing and maturity into adulthood; review of selected grammar and setnence strucutres; and opportunities to speak French. Prerequite: any 300 level French course. Spring semester, every third year.