This course is an introductory and preparatory course in research methods relevant to the field of communication.  By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of the breadth of the field and you will learn a systematic approach to the study of communication.  In preparation for your research capstone course, you will propose a research project on a topic of interest to you that is relevant to the field of communication.  As a result of this course, you will have a more mature approach to critical thinking, writing, and analysis. 

The senior communication capstone course.

Students will select either an applied or theoretical research approach to analyze a public relations campaign. Applied research gives students the opportunity to create and implement a campaign for a public relations client in a public relations agency environment. Students apply research, strategic planning and problem solving to meet client needs. Students design, execute and evaluate appropriate integrated campaigns for actual clients. Alternately, students may select a completed public relations campaign to research and evaluate using a public relations communication theory. All students will present an analysis of journal or convention paper quality.

Welcome to COM 110! Whether you have decided to major or minor in the study of Communication, Public Relations, or Digital Media Communication, or if this class just looked like an interesting elective, I’m glad you are here to learn more about the study of communication. In this class you will gain a basic understanding of communication theory and terminology, and learn to apply it in a number of communication contexts. In particular, you will learn how the meaning of communication messages changes based on the ideological, cultural, and contextual assumptions and implications that all participants bring to the message.

The internship is designed to help students make the transition from formal academic study to actual workplace situations.