A survey course designed to introduce students to such concepts as cultural differences, cultural belief systems, culture shock and acculturation, language of culture, and multicultural nonverbal messages.

Welcome to COM 110! Whether you have decided to major or minor in the study of Communication, Public Relations, or Digital Media Communication, or if this class just looked like an interesting elective, I’m glad you are here to learn more about the study of communication. In this class you will gain a basic understanding of communication theory and terminology, and learn to apply it in a number of communication contexts. In particular, you will learn how the meaning of communication messages changes based on the ideological, cultural, and contextual assumptions and implications that all participants bring to the message.

This course introduces students to the fundamental practices of performing work onstage and backstage in theater. Topics covered are the safe use of tools and stage equipment, basic scenery, props, and costume construction techniques, basic lighting hang and focus and sound practices, and publicity and marketing methods. The healthy lifestyle of theatre artists also will be discussed. This class is a prerequisite for THE 213-216 and THE 219.