Financial Development for Nonprofit Organizations offers an introduction to the practices and principles of philanthropy and fundraising in the management of nonprofit organizations. The course will explore the nature and essential elements of the fundraising process including the sources of philanthropic gifts, causes that receive support and motivations that influence giving. Time will be devoted to creating a WHY and case statement for a nonprofit, introduce specific development tools such as the annual development plan, major gifts programs, special events and grant writing. This course will also investigate and discuss the impact of earned income strategies in a nonprofit context.

An overview of the nonprofit sector and the role mission plays in philanthropy and volunteerism in American Society. Emphasis is placed upon the study of various roles and diversity of fields in the nonprofit sector, including but not limited to religion, arts and culture, education, health, environment, youth and human services. The course will provide an examination of the social history of nonprofit organizations in the United States, to develop an historical perspective and a sense of magnitude, scope, and functions of the nonprofit sector and its relationships with business and government. Study focuses on ethical, moral, and practical issues in nonprofit leadership, the trust the third sector holds in relationship to other social sectors and the sector’s responsibility to serve the common good.

This portfolio will be used to document activity for the William Jewell College Nonprofit Leadership Certificate.