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Don't Get A Parking Ticket
by Tracy Hart - Tuesday, July 23, 2013, 10:22 AM

Remember to register your vehicle for the new academic year.  Got to "My Jewell" and register on-line.  No more yellow cards to fill out.


While your emergency contact information can be updated or changed at any time, your vehicle registration cannot.  You’ll have one opportunity to register your vehicle(s) on-line.  If you fail to do so correctly or thoroughly the first time, you’ll be required to visit Cardinal Services in Curry to update your vehicle information in person.  This is a security feature to ensure the College has accurate vehicle information matched to each parking sticker.


If you’re a returning student and the vehicle(s) you are registering already has a Jewell sticker, please keep your current sticker.  Go ahead and enter your vehicle(s) information, as directed.  The sticker number on file with the College will remain the same for all previously registered vehicles.  If you’re a returning student registering a different vehicle, you’ll need to stop by Curry Cardinal Services once on campus to pick up a new sticker.


If you’re a new student, your vehicle sticker will be issued during Orientation.  If you’ve received this notice via a personal e-mail account and not your Jewell student e-mail account, you may have to wait until your student account is complete prior to logging on and providing this information.


For each vehicle you register, you need to know the following information.  It’s highly recommended you gather this information before you log in and register your vehicle(s).

  1. Year of vehicle
  2. Make (Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge, i.e.)
  3. Model (Focus, Malibu, Camry, Charger, i.e.)
  4. Body Style (4 door sedan, 2 door hatchback, pick-up, SUV, i.e.)
  5. Color
  6. License Plate #
  7. License Plate State