General Chemistry I - Spring 2015 - Miller Section

The studies begun in CHE 301 continue in this course. Typical topics explored include the synthesis and reactions of aromatic compounds, alcohols, ethers, carbonyl compounds, and amines. An emphasis is placed on the functional groups involved in the chemistry of biological molecules.

A continuation course from CHE 301L where students were taught the basic methods used in organic chemistry laboratory.   Topics covered will include separation and purification of organic compounds by extraction, recrystallization, distillation, and chromatography.  Characterization of organic compounds by physical properties, chemical properties, and by the use of spectroscopy is also covered.  An emphasis will be placed on the synthesis of organic compounds.

Physical chemistry involves the study of the structures, physical properties, and interactions of individual molecules and collections of molecules. This first course includes introductions to thermodynamics and quantum mechanics as well as to spectroscopy, electrolyte chemistry, and kinetics.