BUS 410 is a seminar course exploring current topics in business, especially those in the Marketing arena.

Course Description

The course will begin with a look at what business is in terms of its history, its place in society, and the ethics of business.  To help students assess their role within business, the course will include  speakers presenting various business career options, and will also review the key components of business communication, including APA guidelines.  Finally, to help students but business theory into practice, students will complete a final project using the basic components of a business plan.

The course will begin with a look at what business is, what business should be and what it could be. As students begin to define what business is and its role in society, they will also wrestle with their own role within business. This will be done by assessing the various needs of business, becoming an agent of change and assessing fit within the context of business.  This course should be the first course in the business major.

Explores management roles in recruitment, development, training, compensation, societal and individual goal setting, and the integration of these factors in the operation of the organization.  Methods and techniques for accepting and directing societal changes as they affect the management of human resource are presented.

This course provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge that you have received in your major to a hands-on project.