This folder contains courses in the Culture and Traditions, Sacred and Secular, Power and Justice, and Science and Technology categories.
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CT Assessment Culture and Traditions AssessmentInformation
CTI 205 D La Doulce FranceSelf enrollment
CTI 208 (F14) Women Writers and World Literature (Williams)Self enrollment
GNS CTI 246/REL 276 FA 14 God, Nature, and ScienceSelf enrollmentInformation
RMA FA 14 CTI 238/REL 270 Religion in the Modern Age FA 14Self enrollmentInformation
CTI 285/HIS 324 Spring '14 Comparative RevolutionsSelf enrollmentInformation
Stalinism as Civilization Forging Utopia-Stalinism as Civilization
CTI 232 FA 14 CTI 232, Relationships....FA 14Self enrollmentInformation
CTI 286/HIS 202 FA14 (Reynolds) Gender, Power, and Justice FA 14Information
CTI 229 Christianity & Tyranny (Fall 2013, Benz)Self enrollmentInformation
CTI 216: F'13; Wagner's Ring Cycle Richard Wagner's Ring CycleSelf enrollment
CTI 210 - Summer 2013 Film WorldsSelf enrollment
CTI 217 (F'14) The Digital CommunitySelf enrollment
CTI 256 CTI 256: Science of Sound and Sight Spring 2013Self enrollment
CTI 229: Christianity & Tyranny (Spring 2013, Benz)Guest accessSelf enrollment
CTI/EDU 284 Sp 2013 School and Society Spring 2013
CTI 277/HIS 320 Deviance and Discipline Sp '13Self enrollment
CTI 258 Astronomy & Cosmology Fall 2014Self enrollment
CTI 229: Christianity and Tyranny (Fall 2012, Benz)Guest accessSelf enrollment

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