This folder contains courses in the Culture and Traditions, Sacred and Secular, Power and Justice, and Science and Technology categories.
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Sound and Sight Science of Sound and Sight Spring 2014Self enrollment
CTI 260D Sustainability and the World's Resources Spring 2014
CTI 208 (S14) Women Writers and World Literature (Williams)Self enrollment
CTI 285/HIS 324 Spring '14 Comparative RevolutionsSelf enrollmentInformation
RMA SP14 CTI 238/REL 270 Religion in the Modern Age SP 14Self enrollmentInformation
RBTN SP14 CTI 240/REL 215 Reading Bible Then & Now SP14Self enrollmentInformation
Stalinism as Civilization Forging Utopia-Stalinism as Civilization
CTI 286/HIS 202 J Gender, Power, and Justice F '13Self enrollmentInformation
CTI 208 (F13) Women Writers and World Literature (Williams)Self enrollment
CTI 229 Christianity & Tyranny (Fall 2013, Benz)Self enrollmentInformation
CTI 216: F'13; Wagner's Ring Cycle Richard Wagner's Ring CycleSelf enrollment
CTI 210 - Summer 2013 Film WorldsSelf enrollment
CTI 256 CTI 256: Science of Sound and Sight Spring 2013Self enrollment
CTI 229: Christianity & Tyranny (Spring 2013, Benz)Guest accessSelf enrollment
CTI/EDU 284 Sp 2013 School and Society Spring 2013
CTI 277/HIS 320 Deviance and Discipline Sp '13Self enrollment
CTI 258 Astronomy & Cosmology Fall 2013
CTI 229: Christianity and Tyranny (Fall 2012, Benz)Guest accessSelf enrollment
CTI 210 Film WorldsSelf enrollment
CTI 285/HIS 324 CTI 285/HIS 324 Fall 12 Comparative RevolutionsSelf enrollment

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