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PHY 351-354 Research Experience Research Experience Spring 2014Self enrollment
PHYS 321L Physics 321L Intermediate Physics LabSelf enrollmentInformation
PHYS 111L Physics 111L College Physics Lab -- Fall 2013Self enrollmentInformation
PHY 213 Lab General Physics Lab Fall 2013Self enrollment
PHYS 111 Fa 2013 Physics 111 College Physics Fall 2013Self enrollmentInformation
PHY 443 Mechanics FA 2013
Optics PHY 322: Optics Spring 2013Self enrollment
PHY 112 Sp 2014 College Physics IISelf enrollment
PHY 490 Sp13 Physics of SustainabilitySelf enrollment
PHY 215 FA2013 Introduction to physics majorSelf enrollment
PHY 111L/213L (J/K) College/General Physics Lab (J/K, McGlaughlin)Self enrollment
PHY320 Fall 2012 PHY320 Interfacing Fall 2012Self enrollmentInformation
PHY 415 E&M Fall 2012 PHY 415 Electricity and Magnetism Fall 2012Self enrollmentInformation
PHY 111A Fall 2012 PHY 111A Fall 2012Self enrollmentInformation
PHY 316 Modern Physics Fall 2012Information
PHY 213 Fall 2012 General Physics IInformation
PHY 112 Spring 2012 PHY 112 College Physics II Spring 2012Self enrollment
PHY 318 Fall 2013 Heat and ThermodynamicsInformation
PHY 111 Fall 2011 PHY 111 College Physics Fall 2011Self enrollment
PHY 351-358 Research ExperienceSelf enrollmentInformation

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