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HIS 200 J FA14 (Reynolds) Intro to Historical Methods
HIS 103 Fall, 2014 (Howell) World History to 1500
History 229 Fall, 2014 (Howell) Middle EastInformation
HIS310/CTI287 Slavery and Abolition in the Modern WorldInformation
HIS 400 FA (Reynolds) Senior Research Methods FA '14
HIS 104 D 2014 World History II: 1500 CE-Present (Sp. '14)Self enrollment
HIS 202 F Modern ChinaSelf enrollment
HIS 103 D FA 14 (Reynolds) World History I: Prehistory-1500 Fall '14
HIS 104K History 104K World History since 1600 Self enrollmentInformation
CTI 280/HIS 322 World War II and Holocaust, Fall, 2014 (Howell)Self enrollment
WORLDS3 Demo: Worlds Together Worlds Apart, Tignor et al., 3e
HIS 400 F Senior Research Methods Sp '13Self enrollment
HIS 104 D World History II--1600-Present (Sp '13)Self enrollment
HIS 104 World History II--1600-Present
HIS 244 History 244 SixtiesSelf enrollment
History of England HIS 223 Fall 12Self enrollment
HIS 318 Sp 12 HIS 318 Modern Europe Sp 12Self enrollmentSelf enrollment
HIS 400 Senior Research MethodsGuest access
HIS 223 History of EnglandGuest accessSelf enrollment
HIS 103 World History, Prehistory to 1600Guest accessSelf enrollment

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